Sam and The Me App
Sam says the app is mysterious. He suggests using Browse All Personalities.
Bob and The Me App
Bob talks about Quick Insight. He loves this because he learns all about himself and the players in his life in this moment.
Ivan and The Me App
Ivan talks about finding peace and freedom though the process of self-exploration.
Bubba & Sid and The Me App
Bubba and Sid talk about the personality reading called My Life's Vision.
Spanky #1 and The Me App
Select Tarot. He loves spooky personality readings.
Stella and The Me App
Sharing Your Personality Readings
Spanky #2 and The Me App
Send your friends a personality card!
Gwen and The Me App
She loves The Me App and she loves saving her personality readings so she can see how she is growing as a person.
Spanky #3 and The Me App
Spanky talks about The Awakened