Paul Wagner is a personal and business coach, technologist, inventor, humorist, EMMY® Award Winning TV writer & producer, and world-touring corporate and spiritual educator.

Paul's personality books, cards and workbooks comprise a pursuit focused on transparency, personal advancement and emotional growth. Paul spent 26 years traveling the world learning from awakened masters. His vision quests in the wilderness grew a deep awareness in him. The personalities in his field guide came to Paul in a dream where he saw hundreds of personality images cascading in a glistening waterfall. He awoke and started ferociously writing them down and with that came the names of each one, and soon after a book holding all of them together. While we never represent a single personality this book was written with the hopes of better understanding all that makes us up as well as how to approach and love those around us who may be portraying a personality we do not yet understand.

As a 5-Time EMMY® Award Winning writer, actor and producer, Paul studied hundreds of character types, gaining a deep understanding of and empathy for each one. Early in his career, he achieved a dream of becoming a children's TV writer and host where he developed over 50 distinct personalities.

These became the foundation of his corporate training and entertainment business.

Paul is a personal, start-up & business coach leading individuals and groups to greater success, transparency and awareness. He also is a personal coach, helping people navigate through their struggles and come to terms with and meet their true self.

Loukia Kyriakidou, Artist

LOUKIA "LUCY" KYRIAKIDOU is a notable artist who worked tirelessly to create emotionally provoking scenarios to represent the 234 unique personalities in Paul Wagner's books, cards, workbooks and apps. Lucy left Greece in 2007 and moved to England, where she graduated from Teesside University with a First-class BA Computer Animation degree. She is currently working as a freelancer in animation and games, as well as other creative fields. Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Lucy spends her days drawing and working in her pajamas. Learn more about Lucy at